"Is it possible, how is it possible, to have more meaning and honor in work? To put wealth to some real use? To have a high standard of living of whose quality we are not ashamed? To get social justice for those who have been shamefully left out? To have a use of leisure that is not a dismaying waste of a hundred million adults?"

-Paul Goodman

The dramatic changes brought about by information technologies to almost every aspect of our lives have precipitated a vigorous debate. A continuous reevaluation of the reach and impact of these technologies in the large areas of the world that remain largely underdeveloped is an important part of that discussion, as well as the implications of the new information technologies upon the basic issues of identity and power.

Surveillance has brought us face to face with the darker side of IT, to reveal how much they are intertwined with abusive control and unchecked power. As information moves way too fast and becomes overwhelming, people search for answers through and use horizontal platforms and social networks

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